avatar Hi, I’m Dominik, a web developer based in Berlin, a city brimming with new tech & ideas. Find out more about me and my work. Some of my code lives on GitHub. If you'd like to talk, let's talk!

  1. Berlin

    Today marks 8 months in Berlin. A love story.

    The greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine. –David Bowie

    Queers, creatives & outcasts living inside a sprawling landscape of history, Berlin bakes a crazy cake. Stepping from my door into this city holds a surprise always. From a homeless person offering ...   read more

  2. 7 Python Libraries you should know about

    In my years of programming in Python and roaming around GitHub's Explore section, I've come across a few libraries that stood out to me as being particularly enjoyable to use. This blog post is an attempt to further spread that knowledge.

    I decided to exclude awesome libraries like ...   read more

  3. React.JS

    It was long, long ago. And we started it with static websites, simple markup linking against each other. We moved onto dynamics -- creating each page custom to every user and every request. JavaScript was created in 10 days and it started flowing into our pages, allowing for more interactivity and ...   read more