I'm a web developer originally from Vienna, Austria. I enjoy photography, writing, design and poetry, but coding continues to be my passion.




Re-built from the ground up in React.JS the resource disposition tool used to coordinate more than $1,000,000 of monthly energy & heating installations across Germany.

Developed time-tracking tool to facilitate accurate payroll for Thermondo's fleet of craftsmen. 


RhodeCode re-launched their product used by more than 10,000 companies with a Command Center approach supporting installing, maintenance, administration & licencing.

Responsible for front-end development of the Command Center in ReactJS, as well as the back-end API & seeing it through from initial wirescreens to launch.


After fine-tuning their score-aggregation platform for 2 years, CrowdScores started work on World Cup 2014 widgets. Developed the product, working together with backend engineers, developing across the stack with Python (Django) and JavaScript (jQuery) to earn the startup's first revenues.

In order to support Android & iOS clients, CrowdScores needed a new customer­-facing API. Devised the code architecture, taking special care to allow for feature deprecation as well as resolving consistency issues between different database versions, carrying the API update through with no downtime.


Smarkets needed to match their sports event data against that of competitors. Matching needed to work across languages with mistakes becoming very costly very quickly (up to £10,000 within minutes).

Developed a new matching algorithm using a fuzzy-string-matching approach that flagged up sports events into an internal JS front-end for moderators, reducing the important & sensitive task from hours to just minutes.

Mr. Green

Mr. Green had previously been running a marketing campaign in the mobile games space and brought me on as a technical consultant. I developed a customised A/B testing framework in Python (Flask) and devised new ads & copy to increase conversion rates from 4.3% to 12.6%, raising monthly profits from $8,800 to $42,600.

Developed an ad-uploading API in order to automate the creation of ad campaigns, tracking up to 8 demographic targeting criteria at the same time and developing extremely in-depth insights into the demographics performed best, raising the client's ROIs from 80% to 300%

Hacker School

Among 50 of 1,000 applicants selected to come to NYC for 3 months to work together & collaborate on open-source software, focusing specifically on software architecture & design. Held short talks on Python best practises and pair-programmed with junior developers

Konsolen Kaiser

In the summer of 2007, following countless outraged reports from Xbox 360 owners, Microsoft announced a $1,000,000,000 program to handle failing consoles that were still within warranty. Founded the business & repaired more than 2,000 Xbox 360 consoles, developed the company website, responsible for marketing, fulfillment as well as finance.